SimpleUSBPort Automotive Mirror to Dashcam Voltage Converter (16-pin, Select Ford F150)

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Our 16-pin adapter takes the power going to your rearview mirror and steps the voltage down to a 5V USB output. Power to your dashcam is provided when the ignition is switched on! Verification of 16-pin connector required for use!! Commonly used on select Ford vehicles. All other applications please ask. For 16-pin autodimming mirrors only! DASHCAM ADAPTER for select vehicles equipped with 16-pin autodimming mirrors! The Dongar Technologies dashcam adapter allows easy plug-and-play installation of a USB device with no permanent modification to your vehicle. By utilizing the power source that connects to your rear view mirror, now you install a dashcamera without additional wires obstructing your view. **Note: professional installation is recommended for this product!** * 16-pin plug-and-play design ensures perfect fit * Integrated 12V converter steps down your vehicle’s power to USB level * Pass through design for existing signal wires * Power supplied to USB when vehicle ignition is switched on * Manufactured with high quality connectors

Designed for F150, Mustang, Fusion, Edge
Designed for Ford vehicles with 16-pin connection interface withouty rear view backup camera LCD display
Power your dash cam without hanging wires
Powers your camera upon vehicle ignition ON
Recommended for cameras requiring less than 2A

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